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Got some 6x9's Will they fit.

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im assuming they will only fit in the rear, would I need some adapters or has anyone managed to squeeze them in :)
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They'll fit in the parcel shelf :}

Door speakers are 5x7/6x8's. They might fit, but it'll be a tight squeeze.

i wouldn't fit 6x9s in the doors even if you could get them to fit. they'll sound awefull
Agreed, 6x9's are only fit for the bin! They sound awfull
Not meaning to sound stupid but whats the reason for them sounding pants in comparison to smaller speakers. I only really wat to fit them because they where bought for me a while back and they where just sitting there lol
They can sound fine.... in a parcel shelf. there is not enough air space in the doors for them to work properly so will sound rubbish, stick with the standard size. i've got 190w pioneers in mine, 5x7 amped up and they sound very good. another tip is not to run a sub in the boot with 6x9's on the parcel shelf as they clash when it comes to the air pressure in the boot. decent door speakers and a sub in the boot is a good way to go.
If you still want to fit them see if you can get some sound deadening like dynamat around it. This might reduce the panel vibration around it and make the sound better.
I have mine 6.5's as advised by the sticky on the first page with the dynamat around it and it sounds superb.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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