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I wondered if there's any advise on a Granada Mk1 project.

I have the chance to buy a Granada, Mk 1, 3.0. one owner, 40 k on the clock, immaculate inside and out, put into garaged storage nearly 20 years ago after years of sporadic use. Various points of storage were atttended to, but it has not been started in many years.

A few years ago I managed to relatively easily put a Porsche 944 (1985), garaged for 13 years back on the road, finding parts was easy - it's now my daily runner. But the Granada Mk 1 is unknown to me - the body looks immaculate - but it's what lies beneath that bothers me. What is it like for getting replacement parts for this car?

The other point is I want to offer a fair price - any ideas on values for a 20 year non-runner, outwardly looking in excellent condition?

I'd apreciate any help/advice?

Thanks guys.
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