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Hello alll,

I am hoping for some advice.

I have been searching online but just end up chasing my tail.

I recently bought a 1994 2.0i Granada Scorpio

When starting the engine, the abs light comes on, and then goes out. When you drive away there is a slight vibration and the light comes on.

I began searching online for help.

I read somewhere that there is a three pin triangular shaped test socket next to the battery that if the two bottom pins were shorted with a paper clip and the ignition turned on, the light would blink codes.

This dis not work, I don't know what that socket is for, and hope I have not now damaged some electronics.

I started to look for a pre 1996 odb1 scanner, can't find any apart from innova 3145 bought from America that will not have the correct cables to connect to my car, and I can't find anywhere else to get a scanner, or the correct leads.

Going nowhere I jacked up the rear on axle stands, started the engine and put the automatic transmission into drive and depressed the accelerator.

The abs light did not come on, so I assumed the rear wheel speed sensors and anything to do with the gearbox (if anything) is ok.

I looked at the two front abs sensors, both looked old so I bought 2x new and had them fitted, but the problem is still there.

I should add that before this, although the cruise control light would illuminate, it would not work.

Since the new sensors have been fitted, or maybe since I shorted those pins on the connector next to the battery the cruise control light does not come on anymore.

I read that I can reset the abs by disconnecting the battery for at least 10 minutes, did that, no change.

I may now at last be on my way to resolving this.

I found another connector under the bonnet near the master cylinder, shorted the pins, only to be greeted by a plethora of fault codes.

They are, in order of light flashing:, and 63!

This is confusing me as I read that my abs would be teves mkiv which can be reset by disconnecting the battery.

Newer Scorpios so I read had teves mk20 which has to be reset with a code scanner tool.

Those surely cannot be all the faults currently present with my abs mkiv after a reset.

Do I actually have a mk20 module that needs resetting?

I pulled it from behind the glove box, it is stamped 92GB-2C013-CB

Can anyone help with what module I have, and if it is a mk20 how I can reset it, or where to buy what I need.

Although you can see I have found out a few things, knowing nothing about Granada ABS before this, I still can't fix the thing.

All advice accepted gratefully.

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as far as im aware, from what i remember, the codes would clear themselves when the fault was repaired. most of the faults on these were sensors or associated wiring back in the day, but now could also be corrosion on the sensor pick up rings on the hubs.

i cant remember now what sort of module was on them but we had one when i was doing my apprenticeship in the college and we had to test them using a multimeter or an oscilloscope (scope was easier but multimeter would suffice)

as for diagnostics, there was VERY little in the way of OBD on cars of that era. what little there was, even in the dealerships was limited to the STAR tester of the time, or the breakout box, both of which were geared towards the EEC-IV engine management of the time, from memory, and were later superceded (as cars got more advanced) by the FDS2000 system.

for ABS there will simply be a fault SOMEWHERE that is causing the light to remain on. as an aside, have you driven the car since carrying out any repairs as, from memory (its a long time ago) the ABS system on Sierras and Granadas had to be driven over a certain speed (30mph seems to ring a bell) for the system to recalibrate and reset itself. there is no way to actually read and reset codes on the system that im aware of.

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EEC IV diagnostic connector near the car battery


this is how I made my own code reader tool

test.jpg Test-cabel.jpg Test-connector.jpg

My ex car was a scorpio 1990 2.0i dohc

with TEVES MKII abs system and didnt have a diagnostic connector.
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