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Hi, got a 1.8TD mk2 mondy, 118k on the clock.
Its been making a rattling noise at idle since I got it 3 months ago, and I cant really work out what it is, its the same sequence of noises (indicating that its something that turns maybe?).
Its never really bothered me, all I know its from the drivers side of the car in the engine bay.

The other day it started making another noise, which is at anywhere between 1500 and 1800 rpm, its more like a clatter / knock and theres a hesitation in the acceleration, followed by a fair bit of blue/grey smoke, and the smoke continues for about 30 seconds, then clears up, and its ok, then next time you set off from a stop, it happens again. (usually in 1st 2nd and 3rd gears).

Ive also noticed that it does an amazing 31mpg on average, which is some around town driving with a 25 mile run every other day.

Its had the advance solenoid thing done by previous owner (can tell its too clean not to have been done, and its got last years date on it).

Ive had a new set of glow plugs in it about 2 months ago (although the old ones were ok), along with fuel filter, oil, oil filter, and air filter. (the first problem was apparent before anything was changed).

Any advice would be helpful as im lost as to what could be up with it.

Also, it failed its mot 2 months ago before I serviced it and gave it an itallian tune up due to excessive smoke (6.8% or something like that - enough to fill the garage and not be able to see!), although after the thrashing and some injector treatment it passed with 2.7%.

Cheers in advance
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