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Guess how much...

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...Kwik-fit wanted to change the rear hubs (I don't think with SKF) and rear handbrake cables on my Mondeo?

Answers on a postcard, results will be announced at noon...
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about £350 ish :}
Ans: £394 (which when I can get the parts for £130 seems a bit much).

Good news is they 'can do the job in a single day'. :shifty:
It makes a kind of sense if you think about it.

How long is your car going to hog one of their ramps for if they're doing both hubs and handbrake cables?

They could bash through a whole load of tyre changes in that time and so they have to price the job accordingly so they don't end up losing out in the grand scheme of things.
They also charge around 45.00 an hr labour so i was told when i asked about fitting my de-cat hence i came home and gave it a bash meself :)
i wouldn't go to kwikfit if hell had me :angryfire: :annoyed: ..took mine there for an mot, and failed on corroded rear brake lines, and wanted £150 to do the job[i think my reply was somthing like]"you can foxtrot oscar" :flipoff: , so i paid what i owed and whent on my way.
i booked it in to a place that only do mot's, and it passed with flying colours, that was four years ago, and the lines are still ok :driving: ..there's got to be a better place for you to take your mondy..but you may be able to do the hubs yourself, they are a sinch to do[about 15 mins a side]all you need is a torx socket, after you take the wheel off you'll see an extra hole in the hub, just slide the torx socket through there
and crack the studs off[make sure you clean the studs off with a wire brush and plenty of wd 40]
that should make it possible to get a good contact with the torx and stud[ or you run the risk of stripping the stud] for the handbrake cable, unless you can get good access underneath
then i'd take it to an independent garage, and shouldn't charge more than an hour or two's labour :kaffeetrinker_2:

hope that helps..
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I have got the parts (hubs and handbrake cables) from fleabay for £135. :) I will do the hubs, and see how I feel about the cables. I got cheapish stands when I did my discs, but not sure about being under the car with them. I am sure they are fine...

I was just checking with kwikfit as it is right round the corner from my work and I am real busy (and the hub is real noisy now :/). I had hoped for something a bit cheaper. But this way it'll save me some £ anyhow.
handbrake cables, for what they are worth, are easy enough to fit if you can get the car high enough

the aftermarket ones don't have round ends to slip into the locating holes properly so you need to spread the spreader bar a little to get them to fit but other than that they are as easy as you could possibly hope for
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