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gunk in radiator expansion tank?

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popped in the garage to check water levels today and noticed a lot of what I can only describe as a grey paste like substance around the inside of the cap and some also in the tank itself

any ideas?
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first i would drain it all out and see what it looks like, lets hope its just rust and antifreeze mixing,if it is oil in the water 'mayo' then it may be head gasket,but i would drain, run it drain run etc to make sure it all comes out,just run it on clear water for a few days to see where you are, you can add antifreeze later if its ok,if you take off your header tank you can clean that with oxi.
if its HG it will be expensive to repair, you 'may' get away with leak stopper for a time,what does the oil look like, any steam from the exhaust?
Its a petrol then? my guess would be head-gasket, or oil cooler.
not seen any steam from the exhaust - will drain and run some water through tomorrow and see how I go

dog68 - yeah, its petrol mate

I suppose the good news is - I get my new car in a couple of weeks, bad news is - the sale of this one is not gonna realise much :(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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