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It breaks my heart, I do tend to get attached to cars, but its time for my Mk3 Ghia X Tddi 2001 to go.

To me she's worth loads, but realistically she's not worth too much.

Over the years I've fitted a tow bar & electrics, (not really towed anything - my trailer ended up being stolen, just a tiny trailer to the tip now and then).

Not long after having her, I changed the DMF, clutch, thrust bearing, slave (cluch release) cylinder and updated the dash to the facelift dashboards, with wood inlay door cards in the front and dash, plus a new wood steering wheel to match from the later Ghia X's.

I've fitted OEM headlight washing system to it - I love washing the headlights, its cool.

I've fitted OEM Xenon headlights also, (with professional wiring modifications - uprated cable, fuse etc - its my job, so its not been a 'Mickey Mouse' job.

I've fitted the later GEM:, so:

Touch the indicator and it flashes for X amount of flasher
Does the windscreen wiper - 'wipe' to clear any drips, (do like that).
Sorted the hazard indicator light from the old dash, so it works as a later facelift car.

Fitted a Parrot Bluetooth handsfree - love this too.

The Stereo is amazing, (I had DAB in my car before it really caught on) a Blaupunkt DAB top of the range unit.

It comes as standard with cruise - which I love also

It has a boot liner

I've serviced it myself usually every 7000miles, (some might call this 'over servicing'), but a friend of mine's diesel clocked up 500,000 miles and as far as I know its still going strong! I've always used genuine Ford oil, initially Ford Formula E, then changing to Formula F when they did. Fitted genuine oil filter and air, pollen and fuel also. Plus changed the brake fluid.

She's clocked up 170,000 miles now and still going very strong, no unusual smoke, doesn't use a drop of coolant or burn a drop of oil either1

However a she does have a few parking scuffs here and there, on the corners really, (other drivers who cannot parallell park). And the right side of the car's been swiped recently causing a black scuff and the slightest ripple in the driver and rear door, most of it will polish out.

I've also changed the right hand drive shaft and alternator in the last few months,

I do reckon she's good for many more miles.

The question I have - as someone has apparently expressed some interest in her is - How much should I be looking for???

I'd be grateful of anyone's thoughts.

Part of me is thinking that I should remove the Parrot Bluetooth system, the Xenons and put the originals back on, etc, but before I do that I'm keen to see what those more knowledgeable than I think she's worth for starter?

Hope to hear from folks soon.

Biggest thanks



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Tbh the mods will add little or no value better taking them off
Mk3s have dived in price b so I recon a grand would be towing to sell

I have a 2007 sttdci estate fully loaded sat nav bluetooth voice control heated rear seats privacy glass xenons
Remapped etc etc an no one wanted it at 3k lol
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