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handbrake adjustment

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would like to know how to adjust this as its getting rather slack. help appreciated
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Drum or disc rears? FWIW the h/brake cables etc are self adjusting..BUT the rear cables are prone to filling with water/rusting etc..
I have rear discs on the car if thats any help

OK, the cables to each side are prone to let in water,rust and lovk up. With the car up,wheel off, check that the small hand brake lever on the rear of the caliper moves on AND off when the handbrake is applied.If not chances are you need a new cable each side,would also add that the Ford rear cable 'kit' comes with extra pulloff springs for that small lever on the caliper..this was used on later cars from new but not early ones..The 'self adjustment ' of cable slack is done on the lever via an automatic ratchet quadrant, the pad wear is adjusted at the caliper by a screw out self adjuster that forms part of the caliper piston..
I have renewed rear breaks pads today. Both rear levers are freed up and working when hand break applied
,bled the system through. its much better But on a gradient i am using 5 to 6 clicks on the rachet, would that be normal?
..I have found that 3>4 clicks over here is a good h/brake with good cables etc.But enough to say that if it's pulling on and off ok at the calipers then all 'should' be well..
thanks for all your help

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