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handbrake cable????

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my 2.0ltr petrol ghia x handbrake cable is not working,i can pull it all the way up to the top and the car will still move when u push it i ve recently changed the back brakes (calipers)and the car stops fine with brakes its just the handbrake cable
and its due for its test soon any help is most grateful cheers
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Did you locate the calipers onto the pegs at the back of the pads.
The pegs locate into the slot in the caliper piston,which makes the handbrake operation function correctly.
yeah cos if the slot is not lined up with the pins the caliper will not fit back on properly,i forgot to mention that the car has been stood a while,i read a few posts about this problem but maybe u can give me ur advice cheers
also i had this problem with handbrake before i changed brakes
quite common for the handbrake levers to seize on the caliper.

first thing i would do is check both handbrake cables are intact and free moving they can seize in the liners.
if the handbrake cables are free and intact check you can operate the handbrake levers on each caliper.

would expect you will find whats going on by this stage so just rectify whats wrong.
seal kits can be bought for the calipers it's about £40 to refurbish both rear calipers.
it's genrally just a really good clean up and polish up any bushes e.t.c then lubricate and re-assemble.

hope this helps


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problem fixed,wd40 and a little knocking with a hammer has freed the levers cheers
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