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Handbrake Cables!!!

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Hi new to this so would love the help and advice! iv changed the discs and pads on the rear and have no handbrake at all, iv looked at the calipers and they are siezed which is the best way to free these???

Also at the same time im goin to change both handbrake cables which seems to be some of the problem as i have no slack on them at all! after inspection under the middle box im have a guess that its a auto adjustor, how can i change this to a manual adjust and where would i get the part from??? I will be grateful for as much info please!!
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You're best off changing the handbrake calipers. It's not worth the hassle to try and un-sieze them. Trust me, I know - I had one replaced at the beginning of March and the other side done last week.

As for the H/B cables, I'm not sure if you have manual or auto adjust, but you should be able to get the part from a local motor parts store, just give them your reg no and they SHOULD give you the correct part auto/manual adjust.


Lee :L
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