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Hard to put in 1st and reverse

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Today I'm having big problems using 1st and reverse gears. To be able to go in reverse, I need to put it in 1st gear first. Only problem is that I have to pull the collar and maneuver it into gear.
Without pulling the collar, it just "dodges" 1st gear. After finally hitting 1st, I can now put it into reverse. It does not seem like the gearbox it self, thats causing the problem, but the physical guides and the collar. But I cant seem to fix it.
Has anybody experienced this ?

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I searched the forum, and found this reply in a similar thread:

someone said:
"The standard EP oils that were originally used in four speed boxes was too thick to lubricate the fifth gear pinion and shaft so the grade was changed to Automatic transmission fluid.

This fluid was thin enough to lubricate everything but when the box is cold it tends to rotate even when the clutch is depressed due to the small amount of clutch drag.

With a reasonable amount of mileage on the car the synchromesh is a bit weaker and is unable to stop the rotating box to engage the gear.

If you try engaging second gear initially and then first without lifting your foot off the clutch, you will stop the box rotating and first will engage easily.

The next step is to renew the gearbox oil with Ford spec WSD-M2C200-C"
This is Exactly what I experience.
Can it be the oil ?
This would be prefered to changing the whole clutch - which someone said costs 1000£ ???

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