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Have & been had over by Ford dealer?

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Took advantage of an offer they were running for a value service & MOT.

I've done aboout 75 miles since the service and looked at the oil today and it's very black, not a nice clean brown.

Should it be this dirty after such a short period of time?
Doesn't have a conventional oil filter but a plastic type one, and this had drips of black oil all over the bottom of it.

Just wondering exactly what they've done or not :sad:
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Hi, that is completely normal for diesels. You have not been ripped off. I used to be a Ford tech, and the oil would be black straight after an oil and filter change. You could smell it, if it smells like fresh oil it's new, if it smells kinda burnt it's old. Hope this helps you? Cheers, Will.
Oh, your filter is a paper type. It fits inside the plastic casing. The oil that you found could be residual oil from them taking out the paper element oil filter.
Thanks for the reply. :) :thumbup:

The dealer had a good reputation, so I'd be amazed that they charged for oil and didn't change it.
But you never know......

I've wiped the oil off and will monitor it to see if any leaks appear.
It's prob just residual? But yeah, keep an eye on it. Sure it's OK though :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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