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having tinted windows in wales

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i am going to want my windows fully tinted in the next few weeks,could anybody recommand anybody in the south wales area(cardiff area)and the rough price to have all windows done,thxs
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i'm sure my mate had his type r done in newport, bound to be somewhere in cardiff, try yellow pages
i will do that mate but has you know,you can easy get ripped off,so i thought if anybody had had it done and recommanded somebody,thxs
fair point mate someone will know good luck, be nice to know how you get on, thought about it myself
hi mate.theres a place in pontypridd called tinted vision.guy did a couple of friends cars and they were really pleased (focus st & astra)paid about 150.might be a little further than cardiff but worth it for a good job i think.
hi mate,do they have a website,thxs
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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