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Head scratcher this one

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My other half has just had a brandnew turbo on his 05 115 tdci car runs real smooth now it has 190k on clock we had been out the night b4 went out to start here yesterday and loads of blue smoke eml and limp mode i stop started it 3 more times on the third start i left it ticking over for about 5 mins all of a sudden it cleared its self we have done another good 200miles and nothing has anyone eles has this prob ??????

thanks people again :)
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sounds like a code read and injector recode is probabley in order.

with the new turbo car will probabley benefit of being recoded as it will then go through a adaptive learning phase once everything is reset.
makes the car drive a bit odd for about 100miles but then everything settles down after that and things should be good.

if code read reveals injector knock values above threshold definatley recode the injectors.
should cost about £40 at an independent garage but make sure the car stands for at least 8 hrs before they re-code the injectors to ensure the cold start settings are not messed up...

hope this helps


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Thanks for that dave will let you know how i get on :)

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