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hi,im new on here,i got a 2000 st24,recently when i go over 4000 revs i get all the lights come on the dash and then the headlight blow and if i use the mainbeam and go over 4000 revs they blow as well and leave me with no lights at on a tight budget due to redundancy so any help would be greatfull thanks charlie
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Hi Charlie, Just read your post and it sounds like your alternator is over charging and causing the bulbs to blow, this might do some other damage if left this way, can you get a hold of a volt meter and attatch it to the battery, it should show around 13-14 volts with the engine running and around 12-12.5 volts with ignition off. If the voltage is a lot higher than 14 volts then you should have the alternator swapped as the regulater has gone, hope this helps you save blowing any more bulbs !
checked alternator with voltmetre and it reads 14 volts when running,so it aint the alternator,any other suggestions???? as im getting my hair off with it,only been doing it since i put in a pioneer headunit and an induction kit..strange when you go over 3000 revs to change gear all the lights come on the dashboard????as well as blowing bulbs
Hi Charlie, So the alternator checks out ok, have you possibly taken a power feed wire for the stereo from the light circuit, try lights on again with the sounds switched off, you may have tried this already, if the lights don't blow then you need to wire the sounds from the battery via an inline fuse to be safe, hope this might help, regards...Martin.
i dont have the stereo switched on mate,and i used the original wiring for the stereo(cut the ford plug off),it happens when you put your foot down and go over 3500 revs and all the lights come on the dashboard and then the light bulbs blow!!!,done diagnostics and it checks out with no faults recorded in the ecu..and its idling poorly aswell
just checked the imrc and its not working at all,the cogs arent budging and no noise from the motor
Hi, Sorry you had no luck as yet with the problem, i'm not great with electrics beyond what you have tried, i'm having problems with my starting and getting no where fast !
Hope someone can help you out with it,
all the best, regards...Martin.
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