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headunits that look like standard fit / stock

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are there any headunits that are made to be discreet and standard looking, as all the ones ive ever had stick out like a sore thumb in my cars?

is there a specialist co that makes them does anybody know?

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Don't know if this will help but its something my brother did in the past when he had an escort.

After we fitted his new alpine headunit we took the old ford unit apart and kept the front fascia to use as a disguise panel for when it was parked up.

Basically he would stick it over the alpine when its fascia was removed to deter any thieves.
thats a god scheme. i live in west wales though, i dont even have to lock my car here! :}
i should point out that my interest of the standard head unit look is more for looks inkeeping with the dated style of the car rather than security. thanks :)
I lock my car even when I'm filling up with petrol :}
Good question this, I am after the same as I am on my second 6000CD which now has weak FM, common faults which people offer a repair on but no-one has revealed what needs to be done, even Ford use to offer repair on them.

Modern headunits are fidderly to use at do stick out like mad let alone the displays dancing all over the place.
Just a quick add on.
Is it right that face lift head units will not not fit pre face lift cars because of their square edges?

Just another option maybe.
good idea and I think your correct also, I think they are light grey and not black.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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