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Heated front screen problem

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I have a strip on the drivers side of my windscreen about an inch wide which seems to have stopped working. Passenger side is fine as is the drivers side either side of this 1 inchstrip. It runs the full height of the screen. Any ideas?
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apparently the screen is fuesd left and right side if its working on both sides of this inch line the elemnt is on its way out or at least thats what ive been told mine is the same only my strip is more like 3 to 4 inches
Yeah, sounds like new screen time
Which number is the fuse for the drivers side? I thought i was looking at a new screen because only a third demists on the passenger side.

Somebody will make me a happy man if i find its a fuse i need to replace and not the screen!
Engine bay fuse box

F11 30amp passengers side
F13 30amp drivers side
Any idea what a new screen might cost ? All the elements work fine on mine but it's got loads of very fine scratches which catch the sun - looks like someone (not me !) has polished the screen with sand. It's OK in 'normal' weather but in bright sunshine low to the horizon, I can hardly see where I'm going. I think there could even be an MOT aspect - just as long as I don't get it tested in low bright sun...
Does your insurance not cover windscreens?

£50 - £75 on the insurance, I think someone said the full proper price is about £600.
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