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Heated front Seats

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Hi All,

Just got my car back from main delear after sorting a couple of issues I asked them to look at the drivers heated seat or should I say the lack of heating. Apparently both elements are fooked and the cost of repair is c.£600.

Any ideas as I am not paying 600 sheets to fix a blinkin heated seat.
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Is it the dealer opinion the elements are broken? Worth checking fuses, relay and take a look under the seats to ensure there are no lose connections.

If you are handy put a meter accross the feeds to the heaters on the seats to ensure you are getting power 12v there, if not it probaly a 20 pence fuse gone or a few quid for a new relay.

Yes teh dealer checked and told me today - also the lights come on with the switch in the dash.
omaragha said:
Yes teh dealer checked and told me today - also the lights come on with the switch in the dash.
Not sure if the seat and back on each seat are wired in series or parallel, if in parallel strange that both seat and back have gone too. My old Haynes Mk3 manual doesnt show the heated seats in the circuits.

Did both seats go at once?
Nope only drivers seat has gone, I was told the seat has two elements - both of which are burnt out
Mmm, strange both elements are duff but they may be in connected series.

However the above doesnt help you, but as Taffyboy has suggested you could verify that voltage is getting to the multiplug under the seat.

Cant imagine where they get £600 from unless there is a heck of a lot of work in taking the covers off.
Sounds like the thermostat in the base is fubar to me. If the thermostat doesn't work neither back or base will turn on. (The thermostat is in the base element)

On my wifes old ST170 the wires to the stat were broken, after soldering them back together both back and base sprung back into life. Thing is they were broken inside the seat and unless you know what you are doing it's not easy to strip and put back together.

The issue a dealer has is that they can't test the opperation of the back heater without the base working. If they quoted for just the base then rang back and said "it still doesn't work correctly, you'll have to come back, ok and thats an extra £400" they would have to deal with a fair few upset customers. Of course you could pay them an extra hours diagnostics to check the resistances but if they still find both faulty you've just wasted another £100 or so
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I guess most of the 600 is for getting the seat out and lifting the covers too as neither will be an easy task.

I cant remember how difficult it would have been to tackle this myself on my old MK3 GhiaX, but I'd probably have a go if I thought I could get the covers back on ok.
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