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I am a Ford Fan from the Netherlands, i have been driving Ford all my life.

becouse of my Grandfather :backthen: how drove a Sierra Cosworth.

Since i was 18 i have owned a

  • Fiesta CLX 1.8D (1989)
  • Fiesta Courier 1.8 TD (2001)
  • Focus Futura 1.6 (2004)
  • Focus First Editon (2011)

and my Current car a S-Max (2012) :L

i have joind the forum becouse i am looking for information
to upgrade my car and to see how others have done it.

hope to see and post some nice pictures :driving:

8 gears or more please
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Welcome to the forum Ford man

I did own a Sierra 4x4 V6 many years ago - brilliant machine, oh, and quite a number of 3 litre Capri's

Hope you find the site helpful
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