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I am Claire and own a silver Mondeo 2 Ltr TDCI LX which is a 02 plate. I purchased in Nov 05. before that was Mondeo GLX which was a L reg and finally gave up the ghoust in nov after 170,000 miles.
I am married with no kids and have a big dog.

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You have found a good site here, I have been looking at bits off and on for a few months since I first found this site. I do not know much myself, but luckily alot of people on here know loads. There also seems to be a social side, which I have not engaged in much, but from what I have read everyone seems friendly. I even saw a whole pet discussion for your big dog.

Any way back into the shadows for me.

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Welcome to the world that is MEG Claire.

There's loads here... help, advice and enjoyment in general.

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