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Help.. Driving me mad..

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Had all wheel bearings replaced and new discs and pads all round, but still got a rubbing/droning noise from the front end,The noise is still there when in gear or not,even when breaking, it starts making a noise at abbout 20mph upto about 70mph,then you really only hear road noise, no clicking or clunking when on either full lock, run out of ideas can anyone help.
1.8 petrol mk3 mondeo 2001
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Moving to 'Suspension / Wheels / Brakes / Steering (MK3)'...
Had this on my mk2, i changed pads, discs, i even changed rear wheelbearings twice but could not get rid of the droning noise, it was only when i renewed the tyres and put on a different brand that the noise went.
Thanks to those who answered but I think I have found the problem.... Intermediate drive shaft bearing,Its going to have to wait a while to be sorted.
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