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HELP! IMRC failure?

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On my way to a detailing world meet this morning. Was going up a hill and at just less than 5k rpm, the car gave what felt like a massive missfire. Changed gear and carried on and all seemed ok. However, it now feels flat and struggles to rev beyond 4k. It will get to the redline, just takes a while. I also dont get the kick at about 4k when the secondaries open. Does this sound like a cable or unit failure. No engine mgt light either.
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hi there

could also be cat issue or one of the boxes has collapsed.

hi there

i should add that you can check this 'easily' by removing a lambda sensor to allow better flow.

well, its not the imrc. Thats still working. Its already got a decat on it so if its something to do with that, it will be one of the precats. Happened not long after i filled up. Definately put unleaded in. Wondering if i have a tank of off petrol. Just weird and worrying me a bit now.
hi there

well it's not unheard off re the petrol.

what about putting in a bottle of dry fuel in the tank? works in diesels, might do the same trick on a petrol.

having thought about it, im sure something has failed. Massive missfire followed by reduced performance. Just not sure what.
Spark plugs? cables?
It may not be something sinister, start basic for now.
Right, for the drive home it seemed fine again to start with. Intermittently on the way it did it again. I strongly suspect my IMRC is beginning to die and when warm is failing randomly.

Shall monitor and see what happens
Whenever my IMRC started to fail and stick closed, the engine sound changed quite noticeably. If you have heard this too this is a giveaway, but I have an induction filter which might mean it was more noticeable.
Its the lack of the 'oomph' feeling when the secondaries open thats got me thinking its that. Ive got a standard airbox on atm thats been drilled to buggery, makes a right racket!

I can always tell when the secondaries open but when it went sluggish earlier, it was quite clear they werent. Just odd that its not thrown up an error code. Got to pick up some wheels from Shaun (jacks_st) in the near future, might borrow a code reader and check there is no codes pending. At least whatever it is, it cant be that bad if its not throwing up codes.
if your coming down this way Ben, let me know and we can stick it on the IDS for you :L
Cheers Alex, ill let you know. Might be worth a drive over to pick up that door loom then.
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