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I have a major problem and i hope you can steer me in the right direction

I have a 2001 TDCI 2L mondeo, it has 140.000 ml. Last night on the way home from work it went into limp mode and the temp gauge went of the rictor. I have removed the thermostat but it still does it,
Heres a list of my faults

Always blows cold air (even when hot)
passenger side of the rad is boiling as are the hoses,
driver side is stone cold.
the car will idle all day long and not overheat as soon as load is aplied it cooks itself (something to do with turbo heat i think)

Ive been told it might be the water pump, if so how easy or hard is it to do, and were can i get a cheaper pump

any help is much appreciated
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Sure does sound like water pump. maybe ebay for new/secondhand ?
is there just 1 'stat fitted?
can you flush out the rad?
pumps are £35-£55 on fleabay

fitting, ive only got the 2003 on haynes

"if the engine runs hot, feel the top hose, if the hose is cold the 'stat is probably stuck closed, if the hose is hot, but the heater is cold it suggests an airlock or blockage"
water pump removal

all from above, remove engine cover, air inlet pipe, egr, manifold,drivebelt, the PAS pump is connected to the W/pump, remove hoses....

clang, it drops to the floor......
Had the same problem going back a few months. Turned out to be the onset of a combination of a split intercooler hose and coolant leak from somewhere near the water pump.

Have patched up the intercooler hose now while waiting for the forge ones, and seems to have fixed itself. Found out that my coolant was too diluted so put in more coolant and less water
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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