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HELP Please!!!!

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I have just replaced the lowere arms & drop links on my 2.0L petrol mondeo due to the old parts being worn out & a certain MOT failure. Car has just passed MOT with new parts fitted. I have had a four wheel alignment carried out & all is good. The problam i have now, which wasn't apparent before i changed the lower arms & drop links is that i have a side to side shuffle on the front of tha car under acceleration. All wheels are balanced fine etc. Could it be something i have done when i changed the parts. Everthing was torqued to spec aswell. Please help with any suggestions as to waht the problam maybe.
Cheers in advance
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this sounds like what im experiencing only ive changed absolutely everything so I couldn't pinpoint it.. did you use cheap wishbones?

Take a look at my thread.
I have read your thread but my problem, although similar is different in description. My car handles fins through corners etc. Just under acceleration i get this shaking from side to side. Yes, i did use pattern wishbones, but from new i would consider these to be fine, or maybe not as it seems. I really am at a loss as to what could be casing the problam.

Help much appreciated.
hi the problem you have mentioned may well be a drive shaft problem
it sound like one of the inner cv joints has not gone back into place properly after you refitted the wishbones and may now need replacing

Hi Phil,

Been chatting to some of the guy's here that i work with & this seems to be the most common diagnosis ;-( Hoping there easy to change over !!!!

All sorted, thanks for your help chaps. Raised the vehicle & popped the Inner CV Gaitro this morning & found one of the bearings had indeed dropped off inside the CV Boot. Stripped it for inspection, all OK, Phew. Built it backup & Packed with new CV Grease. All fine & Dandy

ive done that on my fiesta, loads of small pin like things dropped out so I couldnt be bothered with it I have a spare drive shaft at my dads im gonna stick in.
glad to hear you got it sorted

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