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Help with changing the boost pipe from intercooler to the egr valve

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I've been having problems with my mondeo 54 2.0 TDCi. I've got a very big split in the boost pipe from the intercooler to the egr valve. I know the egr valve is and i can disconnect the 2.5 inch rubber hose from the egr valve but i can't see where the other end is? And it is quite tight to get my hands and a screw driver in there. Also my egr valve has a three core cable runing into it and i read something about if i remove the cable from the egr it could reset the computer or something like that. Can anyone help me as i don't know how to change this pipe and i dont want to remove the pipe and not be able to put it back.

Please if someone could give some advice thanks
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you need to drop the apron under the intercooler, 5 torx screws i think, and you need a stubby phillips screwdriver to get in at the hose clip

taking the sensor cable off wont cause trouble if the ignition is off and not put back on till the wires are back in place
I cleaned my pipe with degreaser then hot soapy water, dried it and wrapped it with duct tape as ford had to order me a pipe and then never fitted the new one....
ok thanks alot. I did try the duck tape but it wouldn't stick and it was hard to get my hands in to wrap around. I'll give it a clean tomorrow and try again thanks for the help.
You will need to take it off and degrease it to get the tape to stick.
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