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Help with sub issues please

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I wonder if anyone can help me with some issues i've got with my stereo setup. I've recently installed a Pioneer DEH-P6800MP into my ST200. I've connected a mutant amp to the rear input of the head unit. The amp is capable of 4 channels but i've got it set to 2 channels and bridged the sub connection and set the lpf to what I think to be around 50 but it's hard to tell as there's no markings apart from 40 and 240.. I've grounded the amp in one of the screw holes behind the seat.
The problem i've got is that the sub just doesn't sound as good as it did in my old car. the sound seems to fluctuate from it. For example, if listening to dance music i'd get 3/4 beats which sound solid and then 3/4 which sound muffled. I've played around with the settings on the amp and on the head unit but just can't get it sounding as crisp as it did previously. Has anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? One thing to mention is that when i first connected it all up and tested it, when I shut the boot the Sub went mental and was just vibrating very quickly and loudly like i was playing really really stupidly fast gabba techno:) If I hit the sub on the side or closed the boot it would go back to normal. Not sure if this is anything that could help diagnose the issue but thought i'd mention it. Hasn't happened since but then I don't really make a habit of going in my boot when the stereo is on so couldn't say if it's still happening or not. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I just want decent sound from my sub again as it's the difference betweed good sounding music and flat sounding music. Could it be anything to do with my grounding location or is my sub goosed?
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Sounds like your amp might not be getting enough juice. Try changing the earth location, I use the mounting point for the alarm siren behind the left panel in the boot for my sub amp.

Also, have you checked the LPF settings on the headunit for the output it's using? Try increasing the LPF on the amp, as 50 is a bit low.
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