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help. wont start after manifold change

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I just changed the upper and lower inlet manifolds for the st200 ones and now the car wont start.

The starter motor turns but that's all.

I snapped the EGR vacuum hose, but repaired it with shrinkwrap. Shouldn't be a problem though as I've also blanked off the EGR.

I'm totally stuck. Any ideas?
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p.s. i checked the fuel rail bicycle-valve and there's definitely fuel pressure.
phew...he started on wide open throttle...must have been fuel in the cylinders or something.

Very rough and smokey..and the engine is moving a lot in the engine bay...but....

he's settled down and isn't misfiring. Gonna let it warm up and take it for a little spin.

now I'm paranoid that theres a leak somewhere...sounds a bit hissy..but could be a belt...I don't know...any checks I can do?

Sorry for posting again and a gain but I'm really excited as this is the biggest job I've ever done.
It will kick loads of crap out for a while.

But you'll benefit sunday from the remap for sure :L

Will do a free Diagnostics as well for you and the RR guy knows his stuff so be double and triple checked :L
cheers jack. I'm looking forward to sunday. Will be nice to have some peace of mind that it's all ok.
once when i did it, my car took ages to start. got me worried! glad it started in the end :)
everything is fine now. Throttle response is much better. Took a little getting used to as I kept spinning the wheels at the lights by accident.

I'm gonna drive it like a grandmother until sunday cos it'll be running lean, but then...
Glad you got it sorted :)

I hope I can have a diagnostics check too hehehe

Simonty said:
Glad you got it sorted :)

I hope I can have a diagnostics check too hehehe

Would do but you don't have an OBD2 port?

Mick on the rollers will pick up and faults though, Ford specialist :L
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