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Hi all

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Hi all, i dont currently own a mondeo, but seriously thinking of getting one,

i currently own a cav turbo 4x4 in pieces, and a cav TD , thinking of getting rid of the TD and getting a mondeo,

had a mk1 1.8 td a few year ago but it got sold at the time.
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Hello, and welcome to MEG. :thumb:

Can't be many of the Turbo Cavs around these days?

cheers :)

nope not many around any more, 270 odd on the cav turbo owners register, however some of those aint been updated, total vauxhall is priting all the figures soon , will be intresting to see how many are left to be honest
welcome to meg mate enjoy the site

so what sort of mondeo will you be looking for as there is all sorts on here :driving:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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