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Hi Folks

Just wanted to say hi to everyone as i am a new member

Ive owned a ford mondeo for the past 9 years but just bought my best one

Ford Mondeo 2012 2.2 Sport Titanium X and i love it, its in almost showroom condition

I live in the UK up in Edinburgh

Thought i would sign up here as i need some help with my current car and it seems this is the place to get all the answers i need

Looking forward to chatting with you folks and getting the answers i need to get the most out of my car

Thanks all

Mondeo MK 3 2.2 TDCI Ghia X
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Hi Dave,

My Dad came from a place a little higher than you, Inverness.

I understand how you feel about your car, I felt exactly the same when I got mine and still do.
Mondeo MK3 2.2 TDCI Ghia X.

Hope you will learn as much as I have on this forum.

Take care,
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