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hi can i fit a mk2 v6 into my mk3 v6

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hi new to the site ive just got a mk3 2001 2.5 v6 ghia x

with a nocking engine my idea was just to buy a mk2 st24 and swap the engine will this all be ok

any help would be great thanks simon
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hi simon, first of all welcome to meg :)

have a read at this link, the v6 engine is basically the same design throughout the range, except that displacement was decreased in the later years from 2544 to 2495, so more cc in the st24 engine ;)

hope this helps :)
thanks ill start looking for a mk2 then for a engine i was worryed incase theres something ford did so you cant dont wanna swap engines and find out it wont run lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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