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Hi mileage

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Hi all this is my first post so be kind you have probably herd it all before.I am looking to purchase a tdci estate around 02-04 plate at my local aution.I am fed up with looking on local garage forecorts at cars that have come from my local autions (biggist car aution in europe manhiem essex ) so i had a look and see some cracking price's these cars were going for. The only thing is all the mondeos seem to be around the 100.000-120.000 on the clock just wanted your views on buying a mondeo with that sort of mileage i have had a good read on the site and would only purchase a FSH car . While im posting could i have your views on the 130 or 115 bhp i have read some reviews but didnt know if this would be diffent as i would like an estate. awaiting your replies gavker
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Hi Gavker.

welcome to MEG.

I have an 04 130 TDCI with 206000 on the clock.
They are just like any other make. some last forever some just seen to have problem after problem.

In the 30 months that I have owned it I have put 198000 of those miles on it and have fitted dmf/clutc a turbo and a rear bearing assembley. I think that's a fair

you pays your money and takes your chance.
TDCi 130 is the best engine. Lots of torque and very quick in 1st and 2nd gear. I find torque drops of a little 3rd and 4th however still plenty of torque to keep me happy. I have known people to get upgrades but dont know much about these. High mileage is not a problem however look for signs of duel mass flywheel wear with higher mileage. I have head of this being a problem around the age of car you are thinking so you may want to seek more advice as I am not entirely sure what to look for.
i have got a 05 130bhp with 104k and it still goes great and around town its good on fuel and very good on the motorway

it`s like anything,if u look after the car,hopefully it will be great,all modern cars have the probs but check for dual mass flywheel,but this could be on most newish cars
How would you check the dmf without taking the car to bits beforehand?
thanks for your help now for the millon doller qusetion?. is there anyway you can tell if the DMF is on the way out without driving the car
Dodgy starter motor might hint at its failure, rumbling or rattling noise form the clutch housing.

If you budget for one, Then you will be prepared & if you drive properly it will last you in excess of 100,000 miles.
if its knackered then when you start the car it will bang and sound like a bag of spanners. get your head under the bonnet, get someone to start it and if the banging comes from the gearbox side of the engine then thats a knackered DMF. if it doesn't do it when you dip the clutch on start up then thats a sign too. car will vibrate bad both on idle and when accelerating.
What are your reasons for wanting/needing a Mondeo in diesel form?
Bought my 130 last June with 122k on the clock. Now showing 134k. Came direct from a lease company with a full Ford history and service printout listing everything done since new. Drives like its done 60k miles.

Still on original injectors and DMF... although i accept that theres a chance one day i'll have to replace either or both. :driving:
my partner has a 115 tdci estate with 189k on the clock the only thing he had replaced only a couple of weeks back was a new turbo everything eles has been service parts his flys the only other differance is the 115 is 5 speed were the 130 is 6speed hope that helps :)
Mines also an ex-lease car, now with 90k on the clock and this also looks & feels like new, especially inside.

I've read posts that claim that the 115bhp models are kinder on injectors & DMF's, I do know that when we buy our second for my wife to use, I'm not bothered about a 6 speed box as we don't spend much of our time on motorways.
i owned an old 1996 bashed up diesel mondeo and it didnt owe me a penny.I brought the car just for a short period to run around and ended up keeping it for a couple of years. i never ever watched the fuel gauge and was so comfy.So now with my first child here and i drive a ford focus 1.8 zetec hatch there is no room for everything,so i was looking for an estate at my local aution and couldnt belive the price's the mondeo's were going for.Im just reading alot of posts and finding out all the niggles with the mondeo
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