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Hit curb - wheel appears further back in wheel arch

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Last week I hit a curb in my Mondeo with quite a lot of impact. I hit the curb at a slight angle, but went directly over the curb. The wheel has actually gone all the way up to the top of the wheel arch and in turn ripped off the plastic liner.

The particular wheel which took most of the impact is completely unusable and scrap but both myself and National have inspected the section of the car which would have taken the impact (disc brake area, wishbone etc) and nothing appears bent or broken, and after having a new wheel and tyre on and the tracking done the car does drive straight and without any real problems.

However, after a second look I've noticed that the wheel sits further back in the wheel arch than the wheel on the other side which hasn't taken any impact.

This worries me as I don't want to have take the car to Ford and get fobbed off, but I love the car and would like it in proper order. Could anyone suggest if there is a problem what it might be and how to cheapest and easiest fix it?

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would get a second opinion,if your wheel is back like that,there is something bent,shouldnt be like that.i work for an accident repair centre and when we get cars i like yours,its usually the lower arm or the strut itself. :L

you have said you have had tracking done,i would have a 4 wheel allignment check on the car this should tell you a bit more. :content:
Is it a difficult job to replace the wishbone yourself? I'm a bit tight on money and if it doesn't require any special knowledge then I'd be willing to give it a shot.
Would the subframe bend before the wishbone did? Also, when you say the strut do you mean the suspension strut?
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