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how do you de-badge front grill help!!!!!!!!

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hi everybody does anybody know how to de-badge the front grill on the mk3 zetec s need help!!!!!
:confused: :confused:

cheers chris
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Even if you take the Ford badge off of the grille, there is a plastic moulding behind it with the keyhole for opening the bonnet. You'll need to modify the grille inners to successfully de-badge.

You could PT a member on here called spooj (have a look at his car in the multimedia section - have a look here: ). He has done the mod you want.

Hope this helps.

Lee :L
hi thanks for the reply lee.I brought the pf mag with he's 220 in so i will def contact russ to find out how it's done.Im glad i got the mag cos i was so close to selling it and buying a cossie but after seeing russ's 220 im def going to keep it and do alot to it wen its outer da bodyshop.

thanks for youre quick reply lee

cheers chris :thankyousign:
No worries Chris, that's what we're here for.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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