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How do you disable the alarm?

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The alarm seems to have developed a fault tonight. It keeps on going off for no reason! I tried setting on 'reduced guard', but this hasn't helped.

Does anyone know how to disable the alarm completely so I don't have to leave it unlocked overnight?!
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Have you watched the car when it goes off? A favourite trick of some lowlives is to keep setting an alarm off until the owner gets fed up and disables it, then they come back & nick the car...
Try opening and shutting the bonnet, if that fails try opening and shutting the doors and hatch, it's probably something to do with one of the switches.
Yep. I kept a eye on the car. No-one, not even a cat around!

Car has now been to the garage and they eventually diagnosed a faulty bonnet switch. Part arriving tomorrow.

I think its mad that you cannot lock the car without arming the alarm!!

Thanks for the replies.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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