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how many miles can a diesel do

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hi due to loosing my job last year i am now contracting (it )and no it doesnt pay loads of money, to many people doing ,i am at present working in carlisle and doing 200 miles every day,at present i have 170,000 miles on the clock ,how long before the engine will say by by,
the only thing i do is chnage the oil every 6000 miles
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Quality oil changed at 6k and no short journeys is as good as it gets for any engine, don't thrash it when it's cold. Car will probably die from injector failure first.

What about other service items? Fuel filter, air filter?
hi yes i change the fuel and air filter, 99% of my travell is motorway driving at about 60m ph to save fuel
see my new thread

(not unusual to see ex-taxis with 250,000 on ebay/autotrader)
A colleague on the taxis has a 51 plate Mk3 with 360,000 on the clock. Engine still going strong - he's only ever had to replace "consumables" (tyres, brakes, clutch) plus a few springs and shockers.

You can't really define what mileage these engines will do as there's so many failures early on and some gems that go on forever it's simply to scattered! It's not like the old pug 406's where as they seemed to never bloody die!

I would suggest that you're in the 'high risk' end of the scale though, it's done a fair few miles... but then again what sort of distances do you drive it? Is it always a 200 mile trip or has it been a few miles here and there?
hi its 200 miles a day monday to friday
work had 2 pug 405 diesel's and 2 bmw 525tds, headgasket failed on them. the pugs at around 300,000 and the bmw's at around 500,000. scrapped the pugs and put new engines in the bmw's. didn't even get serviced that othen but all they did was motorway miles
floridahummer said:
hi its 200 miles a day monday to friday
i do 140 per day, six days a week on school contract, bought car at xmas with 69K on the clock, ive got this work for 3 years so only 95,000 miles to do then...£10K in fuel!
High miles isn't a problem for the 1753 engine in my experience but sad to report that my mondy has succombed. I got her off a friend who ran 6 as taxis and R296 had 206000 miles on at 3 years old when she cost me £2200 from the lease co in Scotland. I have put 17000 on each year since then and she has been the best car I've ever owned. I have loved driving her and never looked at another car. This year was likely to be her last anyway as the body was increasingly tatty and didn't create a good impression pulling up outside customers premises, but after a trip to Canterbury to see the uni with daughter no2, R296 decided to blow the head gasket. I saw excess smoke in the headlights of cars behind, then noticed the tailgate glass was wet and understood immediately. Not smoke but steam. Onto the hard shoulder and a ride home on the recovery truck. The head gasket was blown and not cost effective to repair with poor body so unhappily I removed the 4 new tyres and new battery, kept the service book and photograpghed the speedo at just shy of 384000 miles. So I say don't worry about the mileage. Just keep her serviced.

Now replaced with R490 in ghia format and only 101000 and very tidy condition so I am looking forward to a long relationship with my new mondy.

One reason I "need" a mondeo estate is the tailgate width. Yo can get a 4foot wide sign in across the angle and more modern cars just aint that wide, unless you go for a people carrier.
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