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How much for Steelies?

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Well, from Ford they are around £70 a wheel! I then ask the scrappy and they wanted around £140 with good tyres! Heck, I wish I never sold the spare steelie from the old Mondeo for £20 now!

I've finally got sick of these 18" wheels hating bumps (roadworks/frost means that avoiding craters (sorry, damn large potholes and ramps everywhere) is almost not an option. My tyre fitter reckons that 17s and 16s are the best choice for no leaks, him reckoning the Steelies don't leak (Despite rim sealer and grinding corrosion off, my rears will still go to 24PSi after 2 days with new tyres!).

So my question is, any idea where I can get a set of steelies from with 4 good tyres that don't cost the earth? I remember paying £30 a wheel only a year ago for the Pug 306 straight from the dealer!
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I am guessing that there are lots of people looking to replace damaged wheels, and with Ford charging around £170 for an alloy wheel, demand for used wheels goes up, and so does the price. This will have an affect on the price of steel wheels too.
I am suprised that steel wheels are hard to find though, I would have thought that there are plenty of people upgrading to alloys, that scrap yards would be full of em. Maybe they have all been recycled.
I noticed the same £60 was average for a wheel & tyre, I was not going to give my new tyre away when i exchanged my car.

At those prices i thought i might as well, Got one with a decent tyre for £15 in the end.
I got some 14's you can have for free:p
OK, I know this does not make sense but...

The ford dealer told me I should have 32 lbs in the mondeo tyres and that is what I have been putting in. Two of the alloys loose 2-3 lb pressure a week. Now I find from the Ford book that it should be 35 lb. So when I put in 35, much to my amazement I find they don't go down!
Poor sealing between the tyre bead and the rim, The extra pressure could be helping to seal it.

Or a dodgy valve held shut with the extra pressure.
how do you know what pressure you are putting in unless you have an accurate pressure gauge. perhaps your indicated 35psi is really 32psi
I do have a couple of gauges within each other. The tyre fitter reckons the type of rim I had is renowned for leaking badly due to poor manufacture.

Either way it's on Steelies now. I should have gone to them before. B road driving is miles better than it was on 18s and it's quieter in the car. The only reason I can think of having 18s on a Mondeo is down to looks after the way the drive has been transformed.
I'm pretty sure i still have 2 new steelies sitting in my shed you can have if you collect, they have no tyres though. they probably need a bit of a clean as the shed isn't the greatest thing.
I just changed to steel wheels £62.83 apiece from Ford main dealer they were a special order item so no discount!!, they are marked Jaguar on the inner rim so perhaps check breakers out. I dropped down to 16" and had Prestivo tyres fitted at £220 (lifetime guarantee), I've had them before and theyre fine, no issues whatever. 18" wheels are fine as long as you dont live where I live which is pothole land, I had no probs last year it's just this winter. My 10 spoke 18's will be on Ebay this weekend. I'm gutted....
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