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How rare?

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Evenin' all, curious just how rare the ST200 uim and tbs are getting? Been a few months since i've been able to think about mods due to work circumstances, but slowly gettin back on track and got a taste for tinkerin again, so gonna be hopin to get my hands on some of these MDS replica headers & ypipe the ST200 bits for my ST24 :D
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Cheers for link mate, been havin a look at that one :)
If that's the case about more bein broken than sold then no, certainly shouldn't dry up any time soon
prices do keep climbing though as more get broke and people believe the parts are becoming rarer, i recently got intouch with a breaker about a mint st200 leather interior front and rear seats and fitting bloke got back to me with a price of £800 :shocked: most of the one i see sell for £250 - 300 but are 100s of miles away from me usually :(
Some guy on here (rudeboymick, I think) got an ST200 UIM, TB, LIM and set of 6x green ST200 injectors for just over a ton recently on ebay, that's really cheap!

There are definitely more cost effective mods than putting the ST200 UIM on a normal V6. IMO it would be cheaper after the remap, less hassle etc to sell the V6 and just by an ST200 :L
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