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How should I temp fix this bumper issue ?

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So today I was in ASDA and when I came out to put the shopping in my car boot I saw this rather large crack, someone had clearly reversed out of their parking space and hit my car. The crazy thing is this is the SECOND time in 6 months this has happened on the exact same area and side, the first time the driver was kind enough to wait for me to finish shopping and came over to tell me, he had only slightly kissed the car so a mild scratch was on there, so I didn't bother doing anything about it. This time no one waited for me and there was no note left for me and this was far worse than a slight kiss.

Given I am getting rid of the car in a years time for parts, is there anything I can do in the mean time to patch this ? If using tape what sort of tape ? If I try and pull it out is there a device I should use or just grab it with my hands and pull towards me ? My main concern is this dropping off when driving and another car behind me running over it and damaging their car. It seems like it is fully connected still though. See photo.

Thanks for any advice. MK 3 Mondeo, Hatch.

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Thanks guys. Also unrelated but I saw a 2001 Ghia 2.0 on sale today for cheap, mine is 2003 Ghia. Was there much difference between the 2 years ? I know they are both Mk3 but I wondered if there were any noticeable differences ?
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