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How to Diagnose injectors?

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How do you know if your injectors are buggered or ecu has lost its coding? ive had a scan done and only 2 codes were air flow meter and fuel injector pump/injector/something else, (p0100 & p0251).. Ive done loads to try and solve my running issues (worst of which is the massive diesel knock on boost)... i kinda know how to do a leak off test as i have made a kit up, but will this show a problem if its a code problem? if that makes any sense? any help appreciated as the car is growing ever closer to finding the local canal! cheers, Lee
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A leak-off test will tell you if an injector is faulty but not if they are coded correctly. You can only check injector coding with a diagnostic tester which has this function. YOu need to find a local garage that can do this for you or spend around £50 on a USB lead & software from Ebay.
yeah i saw the equip on ebay, bargain i think, prob is its a lot of faffing about as the guy on ebay dont know if it works with windows 7... does anyone know if a duff injector will cause diesel knock?? my issues left over are diesel knock on boost, grey smoke when booting it... touch wood, it hasnt jumped into limp mode since i cleaned egr valve and replaced the intake - turbo pipe which was in half....!
I think diesel knock can be a side effect of injectors losing code, it doesn't mutliple inject in this case so the knock appears.

The code reader I bought on Ebay works very happily with Windows 7, almost anything that works on Vista should work on Windows 7.
Do you have the erratic cold start idle as well? If you do it could very well be your injectors. My ST TDCI had the rough cold start and developed diesel knock and new injectors cured mine. The best bit is terminally faulty injectors don't necessarily produce a fault code.
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