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how to get the f*****g sump plug off

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had it up on stands to give me good access, tried everything but sump plug wouldnt budge. used wd40 and lots of elbow grease but nothing. even got a bar over spanner handle to give me more leaverage but if anything it feels like it will round the head of the nut. any ideas
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use a spanner
put a bit of pipe on the spanner
get osmeone else to apply gentle force to the spanner
don't hang off it like a gorilla
using a soft drift, tap the nut with a hammer
the shock "should" ease it off

make sure you use a 6 sized spanner if possible as there is less chance of it rounding the nut off

failing that, you would always weld a bit of bar to the nut once it becomes so mangled you can't so anything with it

rememebr to replace the nylon washer when you get a new one
Hi Paul.

I have had to do this myself. If you have a socket set hammer a socket onto the plug. Use a smaller socket than normal and make sure it is on tight. You won't be able to reuse the plug after this so get a new one and a washer. Use your sliding t-bar (and the bot of pipe if you need more leverage) to loosen the plug.

hope this helps.
Have had to use a chisel in the past
best method is long strong bar and a 6 sided socket
steady pressure with good leverage is better than jerking it
:) is it a oil/ filter change?
have you already got a replacement plug, pop a socket onto it and get the correct /tightest size , have a drive round get the engine warmed up, get the longest/strongest bar you have on the socket, make sure you apply pressure on the back of the socket into the engine so it doesnt slip off the plug, keeping it square to the hole, and turn , should be no trouble,
if it doesnt come off 1st time , dont round off the head, book it into kwick fit for a oil and filter change, point out the trouble and mention you expect them to do the job correctly or not attemp it :driving: , take the new plug :)
already got a plug and washer and filter just cant do i. was going to book it into a garage and its their prob. got a mate who will carge a fiver for the labour since i already have the stuff
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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