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how would you know if oil pump was not working?

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Is the pump mechanical?

Would there be a warning light on the dash?
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yes the oil pump is mechanical it runs of the crankshaft
if it failed you would have no oil presure and the oil light would be on
but if its just the oil light on it does not always nean the oil pump has gone as it could also be other things the first to check is the wiring and the oil pressure switch
thank you.
wac said:
how would you know if oil pump was not working?
seized engine?
if the oil pump wanst working then niether would your engine

80's and 90's fords used a 4/7 psi switch which was prone to failure but, as other will confirm, that's really a "it's too late" switch because by the time it's on, the engine is probably close to death
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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