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Ht Leads

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I think my leads are getting ready for a change so just woundering if any one has any recamendations on which are the best leads to get and where from uk based prefered ... i have got a set of denso irridum plugs in so what other upgrades are recomended to get the spark firing well is there a coil off anything else that is better other than getting one imported??
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You can get the MSD coil and leads from Pumabuild but it's a lot more expensive than getting one imported from CFM in the states, but quicker.

Alternatively you have Spitfire leads, any silicon based performance leads will do really. Never heard of any bad brands, just avoid ones which are too cheap.
cheers for that out of interest how much do they end up costing from states oneces customs duty has been put on and delivery cost ?
Dunno as aint bought mine yet! :}

Percybigun or DC will be your best bet, sure one of them will be along to answer later.

Pumabuild add like 60% onto the CFM retail price!
i bought my coil pack / ht leads from here

you can buy them separately if you want. i paid about 10 dollars less when i got mine in 2008. i cant recall the import duty/vat as i had other items on the order. i've used cfm quite a few times and never had a problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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