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HT wont shift!

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Just thought I would check my plugs, however, the HT leads are so dam stuck in there, i'm afraid if I pull any harder I will knacker the lead! anyone else experienced this?
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Used to experience this sometimes when I worked for ford on your model/year. IF you need to get to your plugs you could try twisting them while pulling, but they can break, SOMETIMES! If it's running good I would leave them, if you have to take them off just be careful and you will normally get away with it :) Hope this help dude? Will.
mine went for a service and they said no 1 lead was stuck and bring it back when they had a new one in stock just in case they did break it. small local garage before you wonder why they had to order one in.
Cheers for the advice. I'll leave it till its time for them to be replaced, will get some leads in case i end up breaking them off. cheers lads
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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