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Hullo! Just bought a Mondeo

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I hope I've made a good choice.....I've always liked the look of them and everyone I know who's owned one are always full of praise for them.

It's a 96 2.0l Ghia X. Everything seems to work and it looks nice and clean, (not much rust and all the panels seem straight and true), and it drives well.

Just a couple of things, anyone know if there's a remote boot catch on these or do I have to use the key and the remote central locking seems a bit that normal, it just seems to make a feeble whirring works, but most cars seem to announce their RCL loudly or with a little flash of the indicators!

Anyway, hope to spend a a bit of time here and enjoy my purchase!
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Hi and welcome to the site.

Mk1 mondeos had an internal boot release, mk2's are opened via the fob. The central locking is always a bit.... limp, works though.
Welcome to the forums. :)

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