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I am running out of idea's...Please Help!

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Can you tell me what the intermediate shaft bearing is and where it is located?, as my 2001 Ghai x 2.0 petrol makes and diesel sounding knocking noise at idle or very low revs, it isn't very loud, but being a is driving me mad.
Ford thought it was the automatic tensioner or something on the aux belts but i have had these changed at £300 for all and its still there, the knocking increase with revs, and there is a very slight vibration, but yet the car drives and performs great, and is great on fuel? could it be this intermediate shaft bearing on mine as pressing the clutch, makes no difference?

Also, another mechanic thinks its the injectors and that they need a clean with the forte gas treatment. When i said that the noise mentioned above is louder in the car ( he agreed! ) he said, he still thought it could be.

Has anyone any experience of this and or is local to Manchester? as i reeally need to get this sorted.

Thanks y'all

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