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I want some stick on plastic stuff like on the door pillars...

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Can anyone help me work out where I could obtain some of the black plastic stick on stuff like the stuff they use on the b pillars on the doors? I want a bit about 4ft x 1ft..... I have scoured the internet and cant work out what its called or even if I can buy it!
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sticky plastic that means you don't get a shock when you close the doors?

or stick plastic that means you look like you've got no b pillars?
Ahhh... I want it for a completely different purpose, but some stuff the same as the stuff already on the b pillar window frames....
I want it to cover the load area of the rear bumper, mine is gouged and scratched and is a mess being an estate, and dont want to put a new bumper on or respray it as it will only end up the same after 12 months...
Im guessing it would be something like sticky back plastic... but I dont want it to look tacky. I have seen some glossy stuff on ebay, which will probably look pants, then theres the checkerplate type stuff, but I think that would also look sh*t.
your local stealer can supply this ( but at a cost mind :( - about £55 i think )

works rather well really & looks good when cleaned up & polished :D ( i know mine has saved my bumper on countless occasions while moving house recently & a few times before then too )

I think they also do a tough black plastic stuff too for around £25-£30 but i think that stuff is much harder to fit than this metal strip ( the metal strip is a case of clean the area, peel backing of sticky pad on back, fit to bumper, press it down firmly all the way along, step back, admire, cringe as you realise its not in the middle :} )

( the black sticky stuff is similar but may involve some heat application too to better assist fitting :( )
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That looks good, it fits round the edge also which would make mine look no end better. Il call in tomorrow and ask them. Dont suppose you have a part number do you?

Do they do simialr or matching sill protectors?
Another question... I like what you have done with your lights - how have you done it? (i mean the tinting....)
i should have the part number at home so hopefully when i finally get there ( today seems to be dragging bigtime :} ) i will have a looksy for you :L

as for the lights i bought a spare pair of lights cheap off ebay ( i was not sure if i would like it so wanted to easily go back to standard :} )

thenbought some savage tintspray from a local motorspare chav section :whistling: ( went into hellfrauds first but it was a very tiny tin of spray & a high price too :} )

then gave the lights a clean up & then set to giving them a few light coats of tint spray until they were at a darkness i wanted ( the piccies make em look darker than they actually are really - well most piccies do anyway see below for an example of them looking rather dark & compare to the above piccy :} - also shows you the bumper trim from a distance too just to keep the topic on subject :whistling: )

then when they had dried for the night i gave them a quick t-cut to buff up the horrid orange peel effect & let em shine ( one needed a quick t-cut, the other was a shade darker than the other so i just t-cut it till it matched the other one )

then fitted em to the car & thats where they have been since :D ( no lacquer or anything - although i think i may give em a quick t-cut this year just to re-shine em up as there is the odd dull spot showing through now after a good few years of abuse & no winter wash's :( )
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sorry for the delay in my reply, comlpetely forgot about this till just now :( ( quicker than i normally take to remember mind but still no excuse :} )

part number for the bumper trim is ( if you still need it mind :} ) F1445558 & it came in at a hefty £43.53 for me back in January 2008
Thanks for the info... Just ordered some tint spray :)

Back to the original post.. I have just this morning tried some satain black vinyl on the rear bumper, and it looks no end better than the mess that its hiding. I will go and speak to the parts people at local stealers and see about the metal one, it deffo looks good, just the price is a bit hight - the vinyl strip cost me £3.50, and ive got enough left to do it again.. and again, and even possibly again!

Once I can afford one though, I think il have the metal one.

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