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identifying st200 struts from aftermarket.

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i was told that my car has st200 struts fitted up front but when i was 'down there' :whistling: the other day i tried looking for ford branding etc and couldnt see anything obvious.there was a shiney sticker saying 'mcsomething' and no it didnt say macphearson!so have i got ford st200 struts or not?
there is quite a gap between wheels and arches too which compells me to question this too.
thanks chaps. :L
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Allow me to answer this one as i was the person that spent three days sourcing them.

The shocks on the car are ST200 shocks sourced from Andrew Page. They don't normally stock them but managed to order me them which took over a week. On the label there should be a sku code that you can verify with at any Andrew Page vendor.

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