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Either I've been lucky or not used the car enough, but I have the EBC Turbogroove discs and Greenstuff pads on the front and they are fine; much better than the standard brakes.

I do notice them biting into the discs when really braking hard, not a judder but ever so slight vibration, almost like humming :eek13:

The other thing that you will notice is noise from the grooved discs - that's my only gripe. It's a constant fluttering noise from the pads going over the grooves.

If I were honest though, I don't know if the sort of driving I do warrants the grooved discs. When they're worn, I'll probably go back to standard discs with uprated pads - Mintex Extreme seem to be recommended a fair bit.

Hope that's of help.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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