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Ignition Leads Again!

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Sorry to harp on about ignition leads again - I know everyone must be sick of the subject. The leads on my v6 were replaced not so long ago reputedly with Ford original supply, but i have to say I'm not so sure. SAre Ford leads marked with any logo etc?.
Have the usual 'misfire' problem most noticable when trying toaccelerate around 2500-3000rpm. some days are better than others. cleaned all the plugs (denso) and checked the existing leads ( found some coorrosion and cleaned but no difference. I am wondering whther to change the leads anyway and if so where is the best place to get replacements. anyone have a source where i wont get ripped off?
anything else i should check?
thanks in anticipation. cjd_
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This is where I bought mine 1 year ago Also used NGK platinum plugs Re gapped to ford s revised gaps, Not a splutter since then, the car pulls from 25 mph in 6 gear smoothly, kicks arse at 4000 rpm.
Ford leads a cheap and overpriced In my view 35 years in the trade.
Coil pack?
Many thanks - your advice much appreciated
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