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Impact Wrench.. how much torque?

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Im looking at getting a decent impact wrench.. my mums partner already has a lot of dewalt kit which means I can use his 18v batteries so I can buy a bare unit.

How much torque do I need? the larger one delivers 415nm and the smaller one 180nm. Advantage to the smaller one is obviously getting into smaller spaces but will I need that extra torque from the bigger one? Theres about 100 quid between them as well.
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As far as I can remember there aren't many nuts/bolts that require more than 150 Nm on the car, with the exception of the driveshaft-hub nut which is 340 Nm on the Mk 1/2.
I went for the larger one in the end, suppose if I dont have the space for anything I can always go back to ratchet spanner.

Got it for 140 in the end and got the box with it as well (appears it was a kit and the retailer sold the batteries and charger individually).
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Oh my god this thing is awesome, did a headgasket today with it.. the crank shaft pulley bolt would not move.. used a bar and it just slipped off the cam belt. Gave the impact wrench a good charge and it just smacked it off with seemingly no effort or having to lock the flywheel.

Why ive worked on my motors for so long without one of these is beyond me lol
I want one! :love:

A nice alternative to a 3/4" breaker bar with a scaffold pole over the handle and a bit of brute strength! :} :}
Bought an SIP one a good few years ago, special offer in car mechanics mag, Similar to the ones argos & machine mark now sell.

They are handy for the odd tight nuts & have removed hub nuts in the past. Keeping the battery well charged helps the tools life.
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